Running Form Assessment

Good running form will help you run more efficiently with a lower risk of injury – that is the main goal of this coaching session.  There is no guarantee you’ll run faster, but if you train more consistently and effectively, your results will improve.  In this session your form will be recorded and analyzed for the small changes that can make all the difference.  You’ll be given instruction of what and how to improve. This usually takes 45-60 minutes.

There are many cookie cutter running form tutorials out there, but they don’t take YOUR form into consideration.  We’re not trying to give you someone else’s running form, but instead we want to make modifications to your natural form.

What You’ll Get:

  • Experienced Full Time Coach
  • Assessment in person (Central AR) or via videos
  • Immediate Feedback
  • Photos of you, illustrating areas to improve
  • Exercises and drills to change form
  • Direct follow-up with Coach

Running Form Assessment – $60 per session

(one time payment)

Get Started . . .

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