While running is a simple sport, it can be intimidating to get started and confusing on how to get better.

We started Go! Running in 2010 with the mission to serve runners and the community with great gear, years of running knowledge, and by building a close running community. We did all that for 11 years.   Due to many factors we sadly closed the running shop part of that mission in 2021, but have retained our drive to help runners through coaching and creating community events like the Go!bbler Turkey Trot and other educational events.

That’s where Go! Running comes in.

Over the years, all Go! Running staff members were experienced runners, each one of them accomplished at various levels and different types of running. They know it takes more than just individual talent to run at any level – it takes a team.

This fun loving bunch of runners made a huge, lasting impact by caring deeply about runner’s needs, speaking at events, mentoring athletes, hosting community runs and clinics, and coaching runners from high school to masters age groups.  Now, Gary and Meghan keep that spirit alive in the coaching we do.

Our coaching plans are built entirely around you, your family, your schedule, and your unique individual needs and goals.  We do that because we’ve trained for many different events at all levels, so we know how hard it is and all the pit falls that come with managing a career, family, and intense training schedule.

We hope you’ll contact us to find out how we can help you.