State records are maintained and based on the guidelines established by USA Track & Field and RRCA. All performances must be recorded on a USATF certified road course or track & field facility. Special Thanks to Randy Taylor for compiling these lists. Please contact Randy at regarding errors or omissions. Include a copy of or link to the result in question.

Overall                    Best performance, all ages
Juniors                    Ages 19 & below
Sub Masters          Ages 30-39
Masters                  Ages 40-49
Grand Masters      Ages 50-59
Seniors                   Ages 60-69
Super Seniors       Ages 70 & above

(A) Arkansan state best: best performances by Arkansan when the state record is held by an individual from another state.
(*) Arkansan all-time best: best performances by Arkansan recorded out-of-state and superior to existing state record.
(#) Performance was recorded on a track.