It’s sales tax holiday… and that’s good news! While everyone is fighting over pencils and binders at discount stores, you can come into Go! Running and pick up some great deals on running gear and shoes AND pay no sales tax on qualifying items (such as shoes, accessories, bags, apparel, and more) – in a far more relaxed, friendly environment!

Skip the lines & Get a little Extra.

Skip the lines and hang out with us. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of things you can save on! Go! Running has everything you need. Since some items must be under $100 or $50 to qualify for the tax discount, we are giving an additional discounts up to 15% on some of these items. And, this will include several of our shoes. Is there a pair of shoes at the store you’ve had your eye on? Now is the time to get in the shoe of your dreams.

Save BIG

In addition to these discounts, you can also still get your club or military discount with your purchase, which means you can save even more! And all purchase go towards your Run Rewards, where you can earn a $25 credit on a purchase.

A lot of the store is on sale, but not everything. Here’s what you can get a discount on this weekend.


Qualifying Items

· Clothing under $100 including tops, tanks, shorts, hats, insoles, sandals, rainwear, socks, underwear and bras.

· Clothing accessories under $50 including hair bands, jewelry, sunglasses, and spibelts.

· School Supplies including bags and backpacks.

If you come to the store and aren’t sure if a certain item qualifies for the sale, just ask! We can also place special orders and qualify you for the tax break, but you must make payment this weekend. Shoot us a message if you have any questions and we hope to see you this Saturday! Tell us about your fall plans with all your “back to school” freedom!