There will not be an RRCA Grand Prix in 2021. Please read the following from our RRCA State Representative to all Race Directors in the Grand Prix:

The Long Distance Running Committee has made the decision to forego a 2021 Grand Prix season. We’ve been discussing what to do since the bids came in and ultimately decided to not have a Grand Prix season in 2021.
What does that mean for you? You can absolutely still have your race. And we want to support you. If your race is going to take place, please let me know and I’ll promote it on our social media outlets. I’ll continue to send out information from the national RRCA about insurance, best practices, etc. Hopefully, we, as a country, can get a better handle on Covid-19 so that we can get back to the series in 2022. The next time we have a series will be our 40th year and we want to be able to celebrate!
As always, thank you for all you do for the running community. Putting on races is hard, but we have amazing race directors, like you all, to make sure we have top notch events.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can do anything to help,

Jayme Butts-Hall
Arkansas RRCA State Representative
Arkansas Grand Prix