We are all fascinated with barriers, things that at the time seem impossible: going to the moon, climbing Everest, the sub 4 minute mile.  The latest of these in the running world is the sub 2 hour marathon.  A feat that will require a runner to run a 4:35 mile, 26.2 times!

Nike has set about this task with the ‘breaking2’ project. An elite team has been formed and everything from how marathon runners train to what they eat has been looked at and optimized. A key element is the shoes they wear for the sub 2 hour attempt.  Nike threw away the book and took a radical approach to building a shoe that they believe can improve performance by up to 4%. The ZoomFly just launched this month and the only place in Arkansas you can try these on and buy them is at Go! Running. Nike selected Go! as the place to sell these shoes because they knew with our heritage of racing, we could understand and explain the benefits of these ground breaking shoes.  Gary recently took these shoes for a spin. “They feel a little different when you first put them on”, he said, “but once you start running fast you can sense how they propel you forward. It’s pretty remarkable.” Be a part of running history, run in a pair of ZoomFly, only at Go! Running.

Breaking 2.

The Nike ZoomFly is unique because it is very different from any other shoe. This shoe was designed over a span of four years in the vision of running a marathon in 1;59:59 or less. The current record is held by Dennis Kimetto who ran his fastest marathon in 2 hours and 25 seconds in 2014. So Nike researched all aspects of running along with the design of this new shoe. How could they make a runner faster? Was it the running course, nutrition, optimal training, hydration, ideal weather conditions, or the sneakers? To conduct this research, they enlisted reigning Olympic Marathon champion Eliud Kipchoge, half marathon world record holder, Zersenay Tadese, and rising star Lelisa Desia to help them conduct research on every aspect of running while developing several prototypes of the best shoe ever. Now that they have arrived at the winning combinations of elements in this perfect new shoe, it was time to test out all their research.

Photo Credit: Cait Opperman for Wired

26.2 Miles in 1:59:59.

The test took place on a track in Monza with the three chosen runners who are involved in this project,  Kipchoge of Kenya, Tadese of Eritrea, and Desisa. Along with them, a hand picked group of all-stars for pacers as well as a Tesla to pace in front of the runners.  The race was set for 26.2 miles around 17.5 laps and all the runners were decked out in the most aerodynamic running gear and Nike’s new shoe. The pacers formed in a diamond of six pacers to shield each runner from the wind and they kept a 4.8km per hour pace, interchanging pacers when needed. There was also a team alongside the runners giving them a drink 7 minutes, staying beside them so they wouldn’t ever have to quit running. Although the race didn’t officially count against the previous world record holder, Kipchoge finished the Nike test marathon in 2 hoursand 25 seconds. Nike has officially changed the running game and they believe the 2 hour marathon world record can be broken.

Photo Credit: Chris Lawrence

Out Running or Outrunning? 

You can think of the Nike ZoomFly as one of the fastest everyday running shoes Nike makes, whether you’re outrunning the competition, or out running the neighborhood. And, it’s proven to take your running to the next level. Here is a list of product benefits:

Full length carbon infused nylon plate delivers a propulsive sensation.

Lightweight foam insole provides highly responsive cushioning

Flywire reinforced lightweight upper for secure speed.

Stefan Guest, a senior designer at Nike, said the design’s success is in its mixture of elements, or the geometries of this new shoe. Nike tested through several prototypes before hitting the perfect mixture of elements needed to design the perfect marathon shoe. The end shoe resulted in runners burning 4% less energy while running on the treadmill  and less foot soreness after running.

If you’re a marathon runner, we would love for you to stop by Go! Running and try out the Nike ZoomFly. And, when you get this cool new shoe and run the next Little Rock Marathon with your best time ever, you must come to the store and tell us all about it!