While running is a simple sport, it can be intimidating to get started and confusing on how to get better.

Questions like, “What shoes do I need?, “How do I run without getting hurt?”, “What kind of clothes should I wear?”, “Where can I train?” . . . are just a few of many that runners and walkers of all levels struggle to answer. Finding a place to get the answers can be even more challenging.

That’s where Go! Running comes in.

The Go! Running staff members are all experienced runners, each one of them accomplished at various levels and types of running. They know it takes more than just individual talent to run at any level – it takes a team.

For years, this fun loving bunch of runners have been giving back by speaking at events, mentoring athletes, hosting community runs and clinics, and coaching runners from high school to masters age groups. With this wealth of experience, they know what runners need and have created a running community around the store to benefit all levels of runners. Whatever your level, what ever your need, you are welcome at Go! Running.