Our Fit Process

Go! Running offers every customer a comprehensive shoe fitting. We’ll spend as

much time as needed to find the right shoe for you – one that’s comfortable, works for your biomechanics, fits you correctly, and meets your running goals and budget. What’s right for you will likely be different than what is right for your friends, family or running partner. It may even be different from when you first started running.

Our trained staff uses a 3 step process

    • Fit: an in depth analysis of your feet, walk/run gait, shape of your foot, and arch type.
    • Function: a determination of “what are you doing with these shoes?”, such as running 20 miles a week, cross-fit training, walking, injury prevention, wearing an orthotic, racing, running trails… whatever your athletic and lifestyle goals, we match those needs with the right shoe for you.
    • Feel: you will try on various pairs of shoes that fit your needs, foot type, and biomechanics. After that it’s really just up to you to pick which one feels the best.

Whether it’s your first pair of “real running shoes”, or whether your favorite style is updating, we’ll watch you run or walk in every pair of shoes you try on, eliminating the worry about whether shoes are going to work for you. And it’s free – a normal part of our standard, friendly shoe fit process.