Be Safe, Be Seen, and Brighten up the Night

The weather is getting cooler, which means Fall is upon us and it’s just the best time of year to get out and run. THIS SUNDAY November 5th is the daylight savings time change…  – “Fall Back”. That means it will get darker earlier in the evening and will still be dark in the morning, too! As runners, we need to be thinking about Fall Safety. Our motto year ‘round, but especially for fall is ‘Be Safe & Be Seen’. And, there are an array of things you can do. Outside of wearing reflective gear (shoes and apparel), you can find other sources to help you “light up the night”. Headlamps and other lights and true reflective night apparel (vests/shirts) are truly a must. Drivers are more distracted than ever – so protect yourself!

To help get us ready for the ‘fall back’ week coming up –

All week long at the store we will have “Light Up” specials – up to 20% off your favorite “be safe/be seen” products.

We also have visibility specials going on to get you ready for the brighten up the night event and keep you safe this fall. Get 10-20% off on lights, bright apparel, and more! Come into the store to check it out. We will have surprises for you all week long!   AND, you can enter to win one of our great prizes.
Event: Brighten up the Night – day light savings time fun run/walk.
Place: Two Rivers Bridge
Time: 6pm
Enter to Win: Prizes from all our “light partners” – Amphipod, Petzel and Nathan!! (must be present to win)
Demo: Petzel will have some fantastic headlamps you can demo.

Run Smart, Stay Safe – Self Defense Tips and Tricks
Date: Monday Dec 4th, 6pm-7:30pm
Location: ATA World Headquarters, 1800 Riverfront Dr., LR
And, to continue the spirit of being safe, we are partnering again with ATA Martial Arts for a a second self defense class. The first one was amazingly successful and FILLED with tips to stay safe. The room was packed and we walked away with actual things you can do to be smart and stay safe. Seriously… don’t miss out on this. We’re going again. Be prepared to get up and practice how to protect yourself. Stay tuned on Facebook for the details.
The “real” Arkansas Traveller – all 100 miles of it.

It’s dark in the Ouachita forest in the middle of the night, but the evening shines pretty brightly for more than 160 ultra runners who came from around the county to navigate their way through one of the oldest 100-mile races, the Traveller. Lou Payton, the first female to ever do the grand slam, founded the race with her husband Charley in 1991. Chrissy Ferguson, who directed the race for the past 15 years – and will be running her 20th Traveller this year – said, “The best thing about the Traveller are the aid stations and volunteers. In Ultra Running Magazine, it was voted to have both the best volunteers and aid stations of any other 100 miler. My favorite part of the race is running over Smith Mountain on the return, about 71/72 miles into the race. I’ve picked up my pacer and it’s so dark on top of the mountain if you turn your flashlight off you can see a billion stars. When you shine your light in the mowed grass, you can see the twinkle of spider eyes as you run.”

Photo Credit: RunArkansas.com

The Traveller is one of the Western State’s qualifiers, the grandfather of 100’s and one of the oldest 100-mile races. If you want to test your ultra running skills, the Travellers is a great race to start with and you are guaranteed to be challenged from beginning to end. Many runners enjoy this race so much, they come back to the AT100 year after year. The scenery of the Ouachita Forest is beautiful and the volunteer support at the aid stations is a lifesaver. They encourage you, give you a shoulder to lean on or to help stretch out tired legs and feed your belly as well as your spirit. When you see an aide station up ahead, seeing the laser lights and the disco balls is almost like seeing a shining beacon of hope. Stacey Shaver, an AURA ultra runner who just this March completed her 100th ultra distance race shared, “The volunteers are what makes the Traveller so unique. Every time I race out of state, I’m quickly reminded of how spoiled we are with AURA. There are aid stations every 4 to 5 miles where you could go 8 to 10 elsewhere. I can’t imagine the effort it takes to gather and coordinate that many volunteers. Not only the abundance of aid stations but it’s also the people who offer up their time are so special. They ALL go out of their way to ensure we are well cared for. Many would literally give you the shirt off their back. I think this alone gives the race a magical feel to it, which is why so many keep going back to it, including myself.”

Photo Credit: Arkansas Outside

The race starts THIS SATURDAY MORNING and continues in to Sunday morning. The Central Arkansas Radio Emergency Network tracks the runners live and the Williams Junction Fire Department is always close by for any runners who are in distress. We also couldn’t do the race without the pacers. Stacey loves sharing miles with her pacers and says it’s uplifting to be able to run beside a friend and talk; it makes the miles go by fast. Join us along with the family and friends of AT100 and AURA runners to celebrate and cheer them on ever step of the way.

‘Walk a Mile in Their Shoes’ – Shoe donation drive the month of September 

Give Your Running Shoes New Life 

The fall weather is on the way, school has started and with that, we begin to look in our closest to pull the warmer gear forward.  And right in front of you are a line of running shoes on the floor. Wondering what to do with your old used running shoes? Donate them. Bag up your running shoes and bring them to us!

Since we opened our doors in 2010, Go! Running has been recycling running shoes to those in need. We collect them every day of the year, but each year, we bring attention to the need to help others with  ’A Mile in Their Shoes’,” which is an annual month-long running/walking shoe donation drive, inspired by the understanding that even if you’ve run the last mile in a pair of running shoes, these shoes still have a long life and can go to someone in need to live out the rest of their miles.

Special Thanks to the gals who got it all started: Mary Wells and Sarah Olney –

We have to give special thanks to two amazing Little Rock Road Runners, Mary Wells and Sarah Olney, who started recycling running shoes in their garage to help others. They shared their passion, time and community need, and when we opened our doors, we offered to help. What started out as a drop off location has turned into a daily community-giving program. Today, we give to as many groups in need as possible: Our House, CASA, The Van, Homeless Shelters and other charities contact us when they are in need.

Help a Child – NEED Kid’s shoes.

The shoes we need the most are kids shoes. Over 13 million children are living in poverty in America and don’t have access to new clothes or shoes to go back to school. And there are many kids in our area who need help. So instead of throwing those shoes away or putting them in a yard sale, donate them to a great cause. It could make a child’s day! We believe in helping others, and the shoe drive is one way we can do that. Let’s help others in need in our community. We can’t fill this need without you!

Running Shoe Recycling and Donation Drive

What: “A Mile in Their Shoes”

When: All September

Where: Go! Running, 1819 N Grant St, Little Rock

This Saturday, Shop Tax FREE!

It’s sales tax holiday… and that’s good news! While everyone is fighting over pencils and binders at discount stores, you can come into Go! Running and pick up some great deals on running gear and shoes AND pay no sales tax on qualifying items (such as shoes, accessories, bags, apparel, and more) – in a far more relaxed, friendly environment!

Skip the lines & Get a little Extra.

Skip the lines and hang out with us. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of things you can save on! Go! Running has everything you need. Since some items must be under $100 or $50 to qualify for the tax discount, we are giving an additional discounts up to 15% on some of these items. And, this will include several of our shoes. Is there a pair of shoes at the store you’ve had your eye on? Now is the time to get in the shoe of your dreams.

Save BIG

In addition to these discounts, you can also still get your club or military discount with your purchase, which means you can save even more! And all purchase go towards your Run Rewards, where you can earn a $25 credit on a purchase.

A lot of the store is on sale, but not everything. Here’s what you can get a discount on this weekend.


Qualifying Items

· Clothing under $100 including tops, tanks, shorts, hats, insoles, sandals, rainwear, socks, underwear and bras.

· Clothing accessories under $50 including hair bands, jewelry, sunglasses, and spibelts.

· School Supplies including bags and backpacks.

If you come to the store and aren’t sure if a certain item qualifies for the sale, just ask! We can also place special orders and qualify you for the tax break, but you must make payment this weekend. Shoot us a message if you have any questions and we hope to see you this Saturday! Tell us about your fall plans with all your “back to school” freedom!

Lucky 7 Anniversary

2010. The iPad was invented, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, the iPhone 4 came out, and Go! Running opened for business. We’ve been blessed to be part of this amazing running community for 7 years, so this month, we are celebrating with some special events.


MAY 15 – 21st. Celebrate with us All Week Long!

Look on our Facebook for special deals and fun events.


This Thursday, May 18th6pm. We’re having a cookout at our weekly Thursday Night Community Run. All paces and distances. The run starts at 6pm at Go! Running – and then stay to join in BBQfest with music, refreshments and more. 

This Sunday, May 23rd8am. BoyScout Trail. We’ll end our 7th the celebration week with a Sunday trail run and breakfast. All paces and distances. Easy trail and lots of fun.

Tuesday, May 23rd, we will conclude our Lucky 7 celebrations with National Lucky Penny Day. See a lucky penny, pick it up and all the day you could have good luck… AND win some great prizes!!

We hope you can make it out to one or all of these events, to help us celebrate. 


Hope you’ve been able to be part of it all.

Over the years, we have been proud to support local runners, community races, and healthy living. We love our running community and enjoy being there for you, every step of the way. We cherish each and every one of you, from the new walker, to the beginner runner, to the high school athlete, to the Olympic hopeful. And, most of all, we have a lot of fun!

Here are some events that have been a staple at Go! over the years:

Thursday Night Run. 6pm every Thursday nights are fun at Go! Running. We meet at the store and then go on a community run. Every week, no matter what.

Go! Run Natural. Every Sunday morning, we get together as a community and go on a morning trail run. Every week, the trail is different. If you want to join us on Sunday, check out our Go! Run Natural Facebook Group page.

Go! Summer Runner Camp. Last year we started this 8 week summer camp for women runners. This is year #2. Join us!  This is a wonderful event for women to enhance their running skills and grow with other women in our running community. It starts Tuesday June 6th and lasts 8 weeks.

Go! Mile. The Go! Mile is a great community run that is for everyone and there are 7 heats to choose from. From kids, to beginners, to the pro, you don’t want to miss this annual event at the President Clinton Library.

Go!bbler Turkey Trot. This run is the undisputed best way to start your Thanksgiving and has become quite the tradition in our community. There are options to run 3, 4, or 6.5 miles and the best part is, we help donate thousands of pounds of food to the local food bank. In 2016, with this amazing communities help, we were able to donate enough food to feed 12,000 meals. Can you believe it?


A Great Big Thank you for allowing Go! Running to be part of your lives and part of your events and things that matter.

In addition to these wonderful events, we have other favorites, such as national running day, run at school day, Christmas heroes of the season, shoe recycling, diva night, red nose day, and more! We are lucky to have such a wonderful community who attend all our favorite events and customers and friends who have been with us since the beginning. After all, it’s all about our community and all about you. We want you to run at your fullest potential and can help you along in your journey. From personalized shoe fitting, to gait analysis, to apparel and accessories, we want you to move comfortably and feel confident on your run. And, we would love for you to stop by, join our community, and see what Go! Running is all about.

The best is yet to come.

Go! Run the trails of Arkansas

Our Go! Run family loves to get off the trail and Go! Run natural. Our state is so beautiful, so why not get out and enjoy it? There is just something about running through the woods, enjoying the scenery, and breathing the fresh air. Something about it makes you feel like the only person in the world. Plus, trail running helps with your balance and endurance.

There is a big trail running community here in the state of Arkansas. We wanted to explore some of the trails in our beautiful state, so we asked our Go! Run family what their favorite trail is and why. Here is what each of them had to say:

Gary:  Lake Sylvia 132/132C loop. I love that it is so “runnable” and finishes with a smooth 3 mile downhill, oh, and let’s not forget the views!

Erin: Ouachita trail, lake Maumelle spillway section. I love the spillway, it’s great fun taking the dogs here, there are some quaint wooden walkways and you can access the lake easily.

Michael: Cossatot River Trail. This is my favorite trail to run especially in the fall – with the changing colors, cool temperatures, and beautiful views of the river and falls!

Jeremy: Sylamore trails. The views are so beautiful and the terrain varies from “runnable” to technical and challenging climbs and descents.

Stacey: Hobbs State Park. I love these trails, they are so well maintained plus it’s so close to a number of great coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and museums for your entertainment pleasure after a run!

Greg: Allsopp Park trails. They are in town and close by, but when you’re on the trails it’s like being out in a forest.

Meghan: The section of the Ouachita Trail from highway 9 east to highway 10. It’s magical – with challenging climbs, “runnable” flat sections, creek crossings, wooden bridges, lush greens and beautiful views.

Michelle: Pfeiffer Trail. So i’m usually a road girl, but I love the Pfeiffer loop because it is like a mini forest getaway so close to the River Trail and Big Dam Bridge!

Cortney: The Back 40 – 20 mile loop.  So I have run many miles on the road, but trails are a new thing for me. I chose the Back 40 because it was so very challenging and new to me and knowing that I could do it was a cool feeling!

Join our running community for a weekly trail run every Sunday at 8 a.m. The details are posted on our Go! Run Natural Facebook Group. And, tell us what trail is your favorite!

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